We are looking for retailers who will represent Lip Ink® International in a way that will maintain our brand aesthetic and integrity. We have worked hard to build Lip Ink® International into one of the premier cosmetic brand in the LOHAS lifestyles of health & sustainability community. We are looking for retailers that are interested in demonstrating to their customers, our award winning multi patented 3 product “Guaranteed Smear proof” natural solution to like-minded customers

Lip Ink, Celebrating 20 years of excellence hand crafting the world’s only 100% Smearproof Liquid Lip Stain.

The Trade Show Experience!

It is Rose's intent to create a product so unique, so Powerful, so Revolutionary it empowers women from all walks of life to experience the FREEDOM AND CONFIDENCE of wearing LIP-INK® Wax Free Semi-permanent® Cosmetics LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAL will touch and enhance over 1 billion women's lives!
"As an Inventor, I dream, aspire, desire and create in a way that supports women of all walks of life, with a special devotion to add the main ingredients of joy and magic into every product we create."
- Rose Nichols
Lip Diva and LIP-INK® International are aligned as one in shared fundamental beliefs, ethics, and intentions to provide guidance, foundation and structure to make decisions, that are safe, natural, healthy, recyclable, organic, kosher, renewable resource solutions that support our Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), 24-7, global, eco-friendly, world. It is our deepest desire to empower, inspire, and transform through awareness, to go beyond illusion with creative, enjoyable, breakthrough ideas.

We are a technology company, that self manufactures multi-patented, demonstratively superior, semi-permanent® cosmetics that are guaranteed smearproof with over one million colors to chose from.

We offer an open invitation to our industry leaders or complementary LOHAS lifestyles corporations, to join us through our technology licensing, in our quest for excellence.



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